LEBTOP is not operational now.
(Scroll down to see Project Report of 1 year of operation from Aug 2013 to July 2014.)

A not-for-profit experiment/project/startup

(World's First Volunteer driven Telephone based Language Learning Community) 

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1800-200-8383 (TOLL FREE) (Doesnt work now)
ON WEEKENDS (Sat and Sunday : 8am - 9pm)

Selected by WSYA Jury among 1224 submissions from 122 countries.
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Learn English By Talking on the Phone

LEBTOP is an application of a simple idea that a language can be learnt faster and easier by speaking in it and having conversations in it with better speakers.

People who want to improve their English communications skills will call the LEBTOP number to talk to better speakers. Thus, they get a chance to imbibe the knowledge and learn the right usage of words and grammar.

Micro Volunteering
What is Microvolunteering?

Volunteer your time in bite sized chunks, from your own home and when you want to. Benefit worthy causes to suit your lifestyle at your own convenience. Dip in, dip out with absolutely no commitment. No specialised skills required.
And, oh yeah, you can do them in your pyjamas!
Micro Effort, Macro Impact

LEBTOP is a Micro Volunteering project.
All calls received on the LEBTOP number (1800-200-8383) on weekends will be forwarded to various Micro Volunteers (based on their time of convenience as informed to us).
Micro Volunteers of LEBTOP have to speak to the callers in English on interesting topics.
Topics of conversation shall be chosen by the micro volunteer.  (Click on "sample topics" tab for more details)
Do not spend much time in explaining the grammaticism. You may make minor corrections once in a while, but focus on the conversation topic. Learners tend to pick up on the right usage of words and grammar from the conversation and hence LEBTOP believes that correcting and lecturing on English is not necessary on the call.

To register as a Micro-Volunteer, fill this FORM



  CALL 1800-200-8383

(On Weekends Only)

Call LEBTOP and start speaking to good English speakers who are ready to help you speak better.

You can choose your own topic for conversation and if you don't have one, dont worry, the Micro-Volunteer on phone has loads of interesting topics to talk in English.

Call and Talk. Practice and learn good English speakings skills.


We have a list of registered Micro-Volunteers. These are people who can speak good English and want to help others do the same. These people have given us their contact numbers and timings during which they can help other people.

Talking to a person poor in English to help them by giving them practice and confidence is a small task - A micro task. LEBTOP is a Micro-Volunteering project.

We will forward USERS calls to MICRO-VOLUNTEERS.

Users can converse in English with these Micro-volunteers to improve their spoken English.


Our Certificate.

LEBTOP - Runner Up in Education For All.